Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pretty Party Time!

Today is party time for the second reveal of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party The bead soup blog party is where beaders can sign up for the party. Then the wonderful Lori Anderson takes all of those names (hundreds of them) and picks a partner she feels is a good fit for us. That is a huge task in itself. Then we get to pick out a wonderful collection of "soup" for our partner. It must include a focal and a nice clasp. Then we mail them to our partner on a set date. We then make something out of these new beads- which are usually not something we would have bought ourselves. This causes us to put on our thinking caps and stretch our minds to come up with a beautiful piece of wearable art. This time around my partner is Chris Eisenberg. You can find her blog here: First I would like to show you the great soup she sent me, then I will show you what I made with it. Usually I am most fond of beadweaving and I am having some hand problems right now so I have not been able to do that much so this set lends itself to mostly stringing. I did however make some beaded beads out of the bugles she sent me. I have not really used bugles in the past so I really had to give that some thought. I really wanted to make a pretty spiral but my hand would not allow for that much work at this time. The beads that look like Mother of Pearl beads are from my own stash. I feel they went very well with her soup. I have not used all of the wonderful goodies she sent me as I am saving them for when I can do more beadweaving. I have a necklace I have been wanting to make that I will use the green drops for. How did she know I have been wanting to try a particular pattern for a while, I will never know. Lime green is my favorite color so she was spot on with those lovely drops. I also am savoring the prayer box as that was a special addition just for me since she knows prayer is important to me. I appreciate all of her prayers and support through this issue with my hand with pending surgery. Again Lori has done a super awesome job of picking the right partner for me this time around. You can check out the rest of the party here: I hope you enjoyed what I have done with my soup! Don't forget to check out my partner! Happy Hopping!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


WELCOME TO THE BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY This has been a lot of fun for me, I hope you enjoy my post. My bead soup partner is Annita Wilson. She is a great new friend. We have a lot in common. Lori Anderson, the hostess of the Bead Soup Blog Party, does a great job of assigning partners. Annita is the type of person, if she lived by me, we would hang out together. Not only do we have beading in common. we have many other things in common as well. I am a true believer that we can never have too many friends, and to me that is one of the best things about the Bead Soup Blog Parties, you meet so many wonderful, talented people whom you never would have gotten to know otherwise. Annita sent me some beautiful soup to work with. I love doing seed bead projects, and the peace sign seemed like the perfect piece to work into the daisy chain. I just could not stop thinking flower power!! Boy does that age me or what....... I used the size 6 seed beads and some orangish- red beads to make the chain and added the focal. It is a fun piece with a retro feel.. The bracelet was very fun to make, It really is my favorite piece because I love how it turned out. It has the wonderful round beads from Annita, I am not really sure what they are. They may be a gemstone,
or just made to kinda look like it is. They have a wonderful yellow-amber under tone that I thought just had to be brought out. That is why I used the golden seed beads. I used a tiny hint of the same red-orange beads- I used on the flower power piece, just for a bit of punch! I love the 3 strands and then the little dangles. I used the beautiful clasp from my soup in this piece. I made earrings to match. This set has been sold to a dear friend of mine just as soon as it was finished. She loves it as much as I do. I love making jewelry that makes other people happy! The final set took the longest. I just had to make something wonderful out of the donut. It was such a great focal. I just kept playing with it for days, adding this, removing that, moving this over to there...You get the idea, until it felt just right to me. I used some more of the size 6 seedies, some red glass, some charcoal beads I have been wanting to use in a piece, some of the wonderful round turquoise type beads from my soup, some silver color pieces, a bit of ribbon. I had to add dangles on this too. I also added some chain here and there. I made simple earrings to match. This set has a bit of this, and a bit of that but I love how it turned out, WHAT ABOUT YOU?? PLEASE VISIT MY PARTNER, ANNITA WILSON, AND THE OTHER BEAD SOUP PARTICIPANTS TO SEE WHAT THEY CAME UP WITH FROM THEIR SOUP AS WELL

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bead soup time again

It's that time again for another Bead Soup Blog Party. It is hosted by none other than Lori Anderson. She puts in tons of hours to be able to pull this off for all of us. The idea is to sign up for the party, then she picks just the partner she thinks we would be best suited with. Then she sets exchange dates so the partners can end each other a wonderful set of "bead soup". The soup must include a focal,a clasp and a bead mix. The challenge is to use both the clasp and the focal. More than one piece can be created. We must post a picture of our soup, and then on the reveal date, we post a picture of what we created out of our soup. I am running a bit behind on posting my soup, since tomorrow is my reveal day. BUT HERE IT IS My SOUP FROM MY PARTNER: ANNITA WILSON

Monday, April 30, 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GUESS I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU THE SITE SO I THOUGHT I WOULD TRY AGAIN. THIS IS A COOL CONTEST RUNNING OVER AT MAGPIEGEMSTONES, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
HOW MANY BEADS? Did you keep up with us on Facebook to see our latest bead buying adventure? We went on a gem buying spree in the beginning of April, about 900 kilos of gemstones to be exact! We wanted you to get excited along with us. Everyday I took pictures of the beads and here they are all now in the jar. Guess below how many beads are in the jar! The FIRST person who guesses the closest will win the beads and the winner will be chosen on May 11th at noon Central Time. Their name will be announced in the weekly newsletter on May 12th 2012 and they will have two weeks to contact us with their mailing address to receive their jar of beauties! On our Free Beads page we have the rules that govern all Magpie games and contests be sure to check that out before you guess. What's in the jar? Coral Rutilated Quartz Peruvian Blue Opal Pearls Carnelian Moonstone Amethyst Pendant Kambaba Pendant Mosaic Shell Purple Stone Pendant White Shell Heishi Amethyst Beads

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Bead Soup Blog Party

This time there is a much smaller group~ There are only 4 of us.
We were not chosen by random by Lori Anderson for her Bead Soup Party so we are having our own.
Well it will make it ALOT easier to hop thru only 3 other spots than 199 spots!!
I was sent some beautiful pieces to work with. One of which was a piece of glass that my partner Sandra Richardson handmade. I could not bring myself to use it for this swap because I want to take more time and use it for a piece that is bead embroidery. I have already gone over to the local bead store and talked to them about the background as alot of it is clear. I was told to hold it up against different clothing items to get a good feel for what color to make it. Then get some Lacey's stiff stuff and color it with dabbing motion in the color of my choice. Then I can mount it and get going.
I needed something a bit less time consuming for the swap so without further delay, I show you my creation:
Do not forget to stop by and see my partner's blogs:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my latest blog hop

Want to try something new??
Join me in another blog hop!!

It is sure to be fun...
I have wanted to try this ribbon for awhile and here is my "excuse" Hope to see you there........

Also, If I have not visited your Blog Soup yet, do not be alarmed or offended, I am taking my time and working thru them, I am about to 80 so far. I have met some very talented artists and some that have taught me a lot.

Happy beading or Happy surfing which ever the case may be