Monday, April 4, 2011

~new creations~

I know I have not posted in awhile but never fear I still have been hard at work on new creations. I wanted to show you a couple that are done and one I am working on.
These are my original designs. I did not use a pattern. I am trying to create some things on my own. For awhile I was following patterns and I still do sometimes. I want to branch out and start selling my work on line but I want to respect copyright laws and not offend anyone so I am working on learning to make some of my own patterns. Now that I know quite a few stitches it is easier to do what I have in mind. I must confess however that my creations kind of evolve as I go. I am working on a piece that I started making a bracelet out of chevron circles- I added a few twists of my own and next thing you know it is turning into a beautifl necklace if I do say so myself. Above you will find the chevron circles I was making to learn the stitch. I still need to finish my vertical freeform netting. That started as a bracelet and is now almost done as a necklace and it is awesome. Let me know what you think......