Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pretty Party Time!

Today is party time for the second reveal of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party The bead soup blog party is where beaders can sign up for the party. Then the wonderful Lori Anderson takes all of those names (hundreds of them) and picks a partner she feels is a good fit for us. That is a huge task in itself. Then we get to pick out a wonderful collection of "soup" for our partner. It must include a focal and a nice clasp. Then we mail them to our partner on a set date. We then make something out of these new beads- which are usually not something we would have bought ourselves. This causes us to put on our thinking caps and stretch our minds to come up with a beautiful piece of wearable art. This time around my partner is Chris Eisenberg. You can find her blog here: First I would like to show you the great soup she sent me, then I will show you what I made with it. Usually I am most fond of beadweaving and I am having some hand problems right now so I have not been able to do that much so this set lends itself to mostly stringing. I did however make some beaded beads out of the bugles she sent me. I have not really used bugles in the past so I really had to give that some thought. I really wanted to make a pretty spiral but my hand would not allow for that much work at this time. The beads that look like Mother of Pearl beads are from my own stash. I feel they went very well with her soup. I have not used all of the wonderful goodies she sent me as I am saving them for when I can do more beadweaving. I have a necklace I have been wanting to make that I will use the green drops for. How did she know I have been wanting to try a particular pattern for a while, I will never know. Lime green is my favorite color so she was spot on with those lovely drops. I also am savoring the prayer box as that was a special addition just for me since she knows prayer is important to me. I appreciate all of her prayers and support through this issue with my hand with pending surgery. Again Lori has done a super awesome job of picking the right partner for me this time around. You can check out the rest of the party here: I hope you enjoyed what I have done with my soup! Don't forget to check out my partner! Happy Hopping!!