Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here is the link to the party list

Also A few words about my designs.
The first with the chain and the pearls was an upcycle as I like to call it as I took apart a new un-used piece of jewelry -that I bought with that purpose in mind and used that to make a new piece.
I love the links that connect the chain to the pearls. The chinese crystals make a nice touch as do the lace looking bead caps. This is the piece that taught me that I should not under estimate some of the lower end components and use my creativity to make something very pretty with whatever I find. This piece would be nice for a Summer evening with a frilly dress.

The second set was made with Polymer clay pieces from my bead partner Dana Jones. I added the triangle and multi colored polymer pieces from my stash. I purchased them from a local artist. I used wire wrap for the loops. They turned out nice but my hands hurt for days- thus the second lesson- Since I have already had surgery on both my hands- leave the wire wrapping for someone else.
This was a fun piece to make and I love how the earrings do not "match" and the brick work around the focal.
I did not use my beloved box clasp as I could not seem to fit it in either piece but it is a much cherished finding that I will use for something special.
Thanks to Dana for the wonderful beads and the chance to meet you.
Maybe in the future we can hook up online and you can teach me to do plymer as I secretly desire to learn that very much!

~Welcome to the party~

Today is the big day~ Enjoy the eye candy

I had alot of fun with this funky piece!!!

Follow the hop.. Keep track of 3 blogs you visited and leave Lori a message tomorrow for your chance to win her soup .....Good luck

I tried to attach the list of fellow party mates but could not get it to work but if you go to Lori Anderson Bead Soup Blog Party you will find the list-
The pic of my Hubby Mike and our dog Harley is just for


Monday, February 21, 2011


Just a tease......
I am about finished with my project. It is more than one piece.
I have had many great compliments from those I have showed them to.
I have learned alot from this project. One is how to take a few large pearls add them to a few other inexpensive items and make something
beautiful for not alot of money. Alot of us are trying to cut corners in these harder times and I believe I have learned a valuable lesson. Do not over look the cheaper items you may not have thought of- use your imagination to turn them into something wonderful and the profit will be all the greater.
I also did an upcycle if you will- took something apart, to make something new.
Also I finally decided to use my silver wire, I have never used before, on the second piece and learned another lesson. I will NEVER be a wire artist. My hands hurt for days......But the end product is WOW
Can't wait to show you.
I have not used the clasp yet as I did not feel that it "fit" either piece and it is SO special. I may do another project this week with it.
Hope everyone else is having fun and learning with their projects too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking and Pondering

One thing is for sure. You will be suprised by my creation as it will not be what you might imagine. Remember- for those who know me- I am an attention grabber. It will not be your grandma's pearl necklace for sure. I have some perfect accent beads I have managed to snag.

On the home front. It is very cold here. Below zero with the wind. I have 2 teen boys. They keep me pretty busy. My son Jesse has a girlfriend that lives next door. Nice girl. They got a puppy yesterday. How exciting. She is very cute. She is a mix : Pit, Rat Terrier, and one of those wrinkle dogs.

To those of you going through rough times~ Alot of people are~

God has a reason to guide us through the easy times and the hard times. I want to extend a hand of Courage, Understanding and Love. I pray healing to all of you who are hurting. Some physically and some emotionally. We need to lift each other up.

** last but not least I would like to remind you all to SMILE

Monday, February 7, 2011

Da Clasp

Here is the clasp. It is a double box
clasp. Isn't it pretty.
What will I make with my soup?
Will I dress it up?? Or down??
Check back on reveal day to see..

Da Soup

Here is the Bead soup. The pearls are really a very light pink. Some lacy bead caps, some large hole silver beads, hot pink polymer clay beads and a rectangle polymer focal piece.
The polymer clay is hand made by my none other than my Bead Soup Partner! I wish I knew how to make PMC beads.