Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here is the link to the party list

Also A few words about my designs.
The first with the chain and the pearls was an upcycle as I like to call it as I took apart a new un-used piece of jewelry -that I bought with that purpose in mind and used that to make a new piece.
I love the links that connect the chain to the pearls. The chinese crystals make a nice touch as do the lace looking bead caps. This is the piece that taught me that I should not under estimate some of the lower end components and use my creativity to make something very pretty with whatever I find. This piece would be nice for a Summer evening with a frilly dress.

The second set was made with Polymer clay pieces from my bead partner Dana Jones. I added the triangle and multi colored polymer pieces from my stash. I purchased them from a local artist. I used wire wrap for the loops. They turned out nice but my hands hurt for days- thus the second lesson- Since I have already had surgery on both my hands- leave the wire wrapping for someone else.
This was a fun piece to make and I love how the earrings do not "match" and the brick work around the focal.
I did not use my beloved box clasp as I could not seem to fit it in either piece but it is a much cherished finding that I will use for something special.
Thanks to Dana for the wonderful beads and the chance to meet you.
Maybe in the future we can hook up online and you can teach me to do plymer as I secretly desire to learn that very much!


  1. Hi Alice! I'd love to see you post some photos -- the descriptions sound wonderful!

  2. hey the pics follow below in the next post

  3. Very nice designs. Really like the polymer clay pieces

  4. How sweet are those...Soup-er cool!!!

  5. I love what you did with your Bead Soup! You did a wonderful job!

  6. So beautiful friend, I love the necklace you made & what you created with your BEAD SOUP! Simple Stunning!!! ;)
    Thanks for sharing...

  7. love what you did adding so much color and the unmatched earrings are perfect. Very funky lol.

  8. What gorgeous, bright, fun pieces. I love them all... you can't help but smile when looking at them. Well done!


  9. Really like the earrings! when I make and wear mismatched earrings everyone loves them when I try to sell them in the gallery they want to know where the other half the pair is!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my piece and I totally agree with what you said!

    Notice we have the same taste in books... have you found any good authors recently? Come back and post on my blog if you did!

  10. Wonderful fun pieces! Love the colors! Great work!

  11. Love your mix of hot colors!! Nice work.

  12. love the colors! love all the pieces! love the seed bead work!
    by the way, you posted on my blog and mentioned about the button necklace being a nice wedding piece in mother of pearl buttons for the bride to be. funny thing is, I know a young lady getting married this summer who loved that necklace and she is doing a button theme for her wedding.

  13. Alice, that colourful beaded pendant is super nice!

  14. Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed visiting your post again! AND just realized I thought I left a message the first time, but appears I didn't. So sorry