Monday, February 21, 2011


Just a tease......
I am about finished with my project. It is more than one piece.
I have had many great compliments from those I have showed them to.
I have learned alot from this project. One is how to take a few large pearls add them to a few other inexpensive items and make something
beautiful for not alot of money. Alot of us are trying to cut corners in these harder times and I believe I have learned a valuable lesson. Do not over look the cheaper items you may not have thought of- use your imagination to turn them into something wonderful and the profit will be all the greater.
I also did an upcycle if you will- took something apart, to make something new.
Also I finally decided to use my silver wire, I have never used before, on the second piece and learned another lesson. I will NEVER be a wire artist. My hands hurt for days......But the end product is WOW
Can't wait to show you.
I have not used the clasp yet as I did not feel that it "fit" either piece and it is SO special. I may do another project this week with it.
Hope everyone else is having fun and learning with their projects too!