Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thinking and Pondering

One thing is for sure. You will be suprised by my creation as it will not be what you might imagine. Remember- for those who know me- I am an attention grabber. It will not be your grandma's pearl necklace for sure. I have some perfect accent beads I have managed to snag.

On the home front. It is very cold here. Below zero with the wind. I have 2 teen boys. They keep me pretty busy. My son Jesse has a girlfriend that lives next door. Nice girl. They got a puppy yesterday. How exciting. She is very cute. She is a mix : Pit, Rat Terrier, and one of those wrinkle dogs.

To those of you going through rough times~ Alot of people are~

God has a reason to guide us through the easy times and the hard times. I want to extend a hand of Courage, Understanding and Love. I pray healing to all of you who are hurting. Some physically and some emotionally. We need to lift each other up.

** last but not least I would like to remind you all to SMILE


  1. Alice, your blog is lovely and also inspirational. Thank you for visiting my blog or I would not have found yours. I'm now one of your new followers.
    Hope this cold winter will be a short one, maybe Mr. Groundhog will be correct this year. :)

  2. thanks- I love all of my new found friends through this network of blogging. Who knew all these great people were out there- seperated by where we live- now we can be brought together.