Sunday, May 2, 2010

A taste of my work

Thought I would show you a little taste of my work. This is a necklace using beads from Buckaroo Beads (lampwork) and some peyote circles put together with copper.
The peyote circles were something I had never done before. They were fun to learn.
It is always fun to challenge yourself to something new. I have been doing alot of
Herringbone lately and I really like that. If you have not tried it- you should.
I try to look for inspiration from what I am surrounded by. Today it is rain. What will
that inspire??? Ducks? Not sure- got to give it some thought. Have a great Day.
It is the First day of the week. Enjoy the day. A friend of mine used to say. "Today is Sunday, so put God first in your week." That is something to aim for. I know it is a work in progress.

1 comment:

  1. That's sweet. Sometimes, I get caught off guard by "sweetness." Your necklace captures that beautifully!