Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pay it forward~ Join the fun

Pay It Forward - Leave A Comment, Get A Goodie!
I'm taking part in a great idea in blog world called Pay It Forward 2011. I read about it on Bobbie's blog, http://www.beadsong.blogspot.com/, and now I'm lucky enough to get to continue the fun here.

So here's the idea: be one of the first five people to leave a comment on this post, and I'll send you something made by my own busy hands. Fun!

Then you share the idea of Pay It Forward on your blog, and promise to send the first five people who make a comment on your post a handmade goodie that you've created. More fun!

You don't have to send something the very next day, but to play fair, you do need to send something as soon as you can. It's not the size of the item that's important -- it's that it comes from you and carries a bit of your creative spirit on to five people somewhere across the world.

It's the spirit of sharing a good thing by paying it forward. And seriously, who couldn't use a little extra joy and beauty brightening their world?

One act of random creativity can have a great ripple effect.
Think of it as a pebble in the ocean. The more you reach out and touch the more you in turn are touched.


  1. Hi I am also doing the pay it forward, so if you would like a goodie too, visit my blog!

  2. Alice could you send me your address and full name, so I can send you your pay it forward goodie? normaturvey@yahoo.com.....thank you so much

  3. I'm not sure why it won't work the address I gave you is correct, all lower case letters...it should work just type it in as you see it

  4. I just sent mine out, it made a rough week a bit happier. It's so much fun to open the mailbox and have creativity come flying out.

  5. welcome to the Game Deci
    got something fun in mind to make you.
    Send me your address to alicecraddick@rocketmail.com

  6. Alice, I received your necklace today! I love it, in fact I am wearing it right now!