Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Bead Soup Blog Party

This time there is a much smaller group~ There are only 4 of us.
We were not chosen by random by Lori Anderson for her Bead Soup Party so we are having our own.
Well it will make it ALOT easier to hop thru only 3 other spots than 199 spots!!
I was sent some beautiful pieces to work with. One of which was a piece of glass that my partner Sandra Richardson handmade. I could not bring myself to use it for this swap because I want to take more time and use it for a piece that is bead embroidery. I have already gone over to the local bead store and talked to them about the background as alot of it is clear. I was told to hold it up against different clothing items to get a good feel for what color to make it. Then get some Lacey's stiff stuff and color it with dabbing motion in the color of my choice. Then I can mount it and get going.
I needed something a bit less time consuming for the swap so without further delay, I show you my creation:
Do not forget to stop by and see my partner's blogs:


  1. Hi Alice, wasn't this a fun little swap? Can't wait to see what you do with your focal piece and bead weaving.

  2. your necklace is gorgeous!! I've never added beads to tubular herring bone either, you did a beautiful job!

  3. Fabulous idea, I love what you made. I didn't get chosen for this one either so I posted some of my favourites from the day instead.
    Deb x