Monday, April 30, 2012

HOW MANY BEADS? Did you keep up with us on Facebook to see our latest bead buying adventure? We went on a gem buying spree in the beginning of April, about 900 kilos of gemstones to be exact! We wanted you to get excited along with us. Everyday I took pictures of the beads and here they are all now in the jar. Guess below how many beads are in the jar! The FIRST person who guesses the closest will win the beads and the winner will be chosen on May 11th at noon Central Time. Their name will be announced in the weekly newsletter on May 12th 2012 and they will have two weeks to contact us with their mailing address to receive their jar of beauties! On our Free Beads page we have the rules that govern all Magpie games and contests be sure to check that out before you guess. What's in the jar? Coral Rutilated Quartz Peruvian Blue Opal Pearls Carnelian Moonstone Amethyst Pendant Kambaba Pendant Mosaic Shell Purple Stone Pendant White Shell Heishi Amethyst Beads


  1. This is a contest- go head over and enter the contest!!! But I hope you do NOT out bid me.